In 1995 I spent a year in the ancient city of Fes, Morocco, conducting an ethnographic study of the lives of the young girls working in the city’s sewing factories. I wandered the city streets, talking with unemployed workers who were seeking a job. I found a position in one factory and worked alongside the women there. I became part of a community of workers and their families, listened to their stories, and came to know something of their lives. In this book—part ethnography, part memoir—the working girls and their families tell their stories. 
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"A very realistic and readable ethnography." --Susan Schaefer Davis, author of Adolescence in a Moroccan Town

"Offers a portrait of the lives of Moroccan women working in factories. With sensitivity and great honesty, Cairoli evokes the struggles women face as they enter an exploitative labor force and challenge cultural norms. A poignant and devastating portrayal of the underside of globalization." --Rachel Newcombauthor of Women of Fes: Ambiguities of Urban Life in Morocco

Published by: University Press of Florida, 2011, 256 pages
Anthropology/Middle East Studies

ISBN-10: 0813035619 
ISBN-13: 978-0813035611 

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The old city of Fes